My shack is tucked away exactly where I want it in our 18th century cottage that we own in Yorkshire. In those days the cottage was a building that housed the water pumps to a local coal mine. That is where the name of the cottage "Engine Fold" comes from. It was converted into a habitable dwelling in the 1900's

As you can see no neighbours so no problems with TV's

My Station consists of
        Yaesu FT1000D
        Ten Tec Orion II 

        Acom 2000A amp
        Palstar AT1500CV (a great ATU) 
        Begali Signature Iambic Key (beautiful morse key)
        PC Logging is Logger 32

        Tower 1
                80 Foot Strumech Heavy Duty Tower with :- 
                Force 12 EF240/230 2 Ele beam for 40/30m  @ 85'
                3 Element Cushcraft A3WS 30/17/12m Beam (30m rotary diploe) @ 95'
                Create RC5B-3 Rotator

        Tower 2
                60 Foot Strumech Tower
                Force 12 C31-XR 14 Element 10/15/20m Beam
                Inverted V's for 80 and 160m

                Pro-sis-tel PST-61 Rotator
                2/70cm Colinear

Shack & Antennas Pix