During the summer of 2003 I was talking to Bruce, KI7VR, about a possible winter break to play radio and take part in CQ 160 CW from a warmer climate. He was all for another trip together so I went off onto the internet to find us a good DX location.
Looking on
http://www.dxholiday.com I found a beautiful qth called Villa Luzia in Las Terranas, which was easily accessible from the UK, and was a reasonable DX location on the lower HF bands. The qth belongs to Erwin, DL4NCF, and Luzia, DL4NYL, and you can find it at http://www.dx-urlaub.de/english/index.htm

Erwin was really helpful with everything to do with the holiday and we can't thank him enough. Hhe even arranged for our licences to be collected from Santa Domingo for us. You need to take your own radios (and amps if you want power)
The HF antennas are all there but to work the LF bands like we did you will need to put up your own antenna. We erected an Inverted L for 160/80m supported from the 60 tower over to some near by palm trees and this was a real magic antenna to use. We can put this down to the ground which being so close to the sea must be really conductive. We had mega pile-ups every night on 160 and 80m, and in the 160m contest I was up among the top W stations and I was only running 100w. We worked nearly 2000 EU stations between us on 160/80m and gave a lot of EUs their 1st HI9 station on 160 and 80m.

Our thanks also to Yos & Ans who are the housekeepers of Villa Luzia who look after property for Erwin and Luzia. They took care of all our needs and keeping us going with fresh food and lots of COLD beer!!!!!

If you want a beautiful relaxed holiday and play radio as well then this one of the nicest you will find at a very reasonable cost

John G4RCG

Las Terranas Pictures