Hi and thanks for visiting my web site.

My name is John Muzyka, my age is....... (well that's my secret shall we say over 45!!)

I am married to Trish who is also a radio ham and her call is G6LCP, but her love is horses and we have two of them, Abbey & Bonnie

Licensed since 1982 Ham Radio is my passion in life and almost all of my spare time is taken up with it.

I am Chairman (and a founder member) and Contest Manager of North Wakefield Radio Club  http://www.g4nok.org with the call signs of GX4NOK and G5X. We have one of the most active radio clubs in the north of the UK with a membership of well over 100. I am one of the founding teachers for the Foundation and Intermediate training courses for our area. I am also the area Examination Secretary for the RSGB licence exams which are held at NWRC through out the year.

My passion for Ham Radio takes me across the world in search of exotic ham radio sites.

It started with being asked to help do the CQWW CW contest by the Rhodes Radio Club in SV5 in 1999, then we did VP5 in 2002, followed this with HI9 in 2004 and my last trip was KP2 in January/February 2005 as KP2/G4RCG and KP2ZZ in the CQ 160 CW contest. (Details on this site)

John G4RCG